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We take great pride in being a state of the art dog/cat practice, strongly emphasizing quality over quantity. The initial aspect of an examination starts with getting to know your pet and any possible issues by completing a very thorough questionnaire, viewing previous records, weighing your pet as well as take blood pressure and pulse rate. A comfortable temperature reading is taken and most times your pet is still smiling through it all. A personal technician will be assigned to the case, who will be with you from start to finish for continuity. Everything is performed in a very efficient manner as our doctors do not want to keep you and your pet waiting. Your comfort is a priority at our Vero Beach emergency veterinary hospital.

When the doctor arrives, it is our intention to wow your socks off as you will experience the most complete and high tech examination possible. All of your pet’s body parts and functions are examined. Most of our pet owners ask if we will be their practitioner as well! Of course we tell them “only if they grow a tail”! We find it very important for you to be able to see what we see using ”state of the art” portable equipment that allows you to see your pet’s EKGs, video otoscope, video endoscope, video ophthalmic equipment and our digital x-rays to make your viewing as informative as ours. Lab tests conducted behind the scenes are made available for you to view via video microscope monitors in each exam room. A full in-house Idexx laboratory provide accurate rapid analysis; most all of our blood testing has a 10-minute turn around.

Once the examination is finished, the doctor will confer with you fully, giving you all the options concerning your pets care. We are great hand-holders and the doctor does not leave the room until all your questions have been answered. It is OUR job to make you aware of any medical facts in the case and advise you as you desire, but YOU are the one that makes all of the decisions about treatments, etc. We respect your decisions and recognize that no one loves your pet more than you do!

When a course of action is agreed upon, we have the experience and expertise to complete most any procedure within the hospital. You will be kept abreast of the processes taking place.

Finally, when it’s time to go home, your pet leaves us with a smile. Your dog will be offered a small ice cream cone and your cat a treat as well. After all, who needs to be happier than your four-legged family member – that’s right!! You got it, because we understand that.

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