Corona virus response to protect pet lovers:

Covid-19 has not been show to infect dogs or cats.

We are open for regular business hours, but if desired: We are offering options for those owners who do not wish to be threatened by corona virus exposure while bringing in their pet for veterinary care.

  1. We will offer hospital front door drop off and pickup so you may remain in your car. Any necessary communication will be done by text or email. Please contact us first.
  2. We will pickup and deliver your pet at your home with minimal physical interaction.
  3. We will offer house calls if the humans have not been exposed to corona virus. This is not preferred as it is difficult to perform a good physical and testing during a house call
  4. Sanitizing baths can be done to remove possible corona virus contamination from the pets' coat.
  5. If the human household is quarantined, no routine veterinary visits will be accepted. However if you have an emergency we will treat your pet providing exposure to the infected person(s) can be avoided.
  6. We have always disinfected the hospital thoroughly and are increasing the frequency of the disinfection process.
  7. We are taking morning temperatures of all staff. If a staff member feels ill for any reason, they are to stay home and contact their physician.

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